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Square Enix won’t comment on Final Fantasy VII Remake coming to new platforms “for now”

Final Fantasy VII Remake has performed well for Square Enix, but that doesn’t mean the game is on its way to new platforms… yet (via PlayStation LifeStyle).

Final Fantasy VII Remake sold 3.5 million copies in the three days after its launch, which is not too shabby, seeing as the game’s launch was moderated as a result of the pandemic. Square Enix’s most recent earnings report stated that physical sales did not meet expectations, but digital sales compensated for the loss in that area. The company is “pleased” with the game’s commercial performance, but it’s not ready to say whether the Remake is coming to new platforms. 

Though the original 1997 game came out for PC too, President Yosuke Matsuda isn’t able to confirm a port “for now.” At the moment, the company wishes to reach new audiences for the game and has “initiatives to capture players throughout the year.” We do know that the game’s exclusivity arrangement with PlayStation expires on April 10, 2021. We also know there was PC code found in the demo released in January. We also also know that the game is coming to the PlayStation 5.

Seeing as Square Enix is staying shtum, we’ll update you when we know if the Remake is coming to other platforms, like PC. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake is out now for the PlayStation 4. 


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Final Fantasy VII Remake

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The classic and much loved JRPG is finally getting the remake treatment.

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