Q: Why did you change the classical Splinter Cell Multiplayer Formula?

A: The team (Ubisoft Annecy and Ubisoft Milan) responsible for the two first Multiplayer Splinter Cell instalments wanted to go further into the versus experience. The main objective was to have more players online, and to continue their Single Player experience.

The motto for the team was accessibility: how to understand easier, play faster and get the rules quicker. The team worked on a new formula for Splinter Cell Multiplayer in two directions: have fun within a few minutes for newcomers, and get a richer experience for SC fans.

On Xbox and PS2, the players are now offered the Spy versus Spy Mode. On X360, the new Versus Mode and the Challenge Mode make a great use from the Hardware and Live! abilities. Allowing the team to provide the players with an online recruitment and progression experience as a secret agent.

Q : What will the recruitment and progression add to the game experience?

A: It makes every game more real knowing that you're controlling your agent, with specific statistics, gear or team-mates. It provides great satisfaction to see your character improving and your ranking increasing. This feeling of pride makes the game even more addictive.

This also allows the team to offer different options to different player profiles: Do you want to achieve 100% of the objectives? Do you want to be on the top of the worldwide rankings with your team? Do you just want to give it a try? SCDA multiplayer lets you.

Many gamers experienced unfair games in the past. With the progression system and the team-ranking, players will always play against equivalent gamers.

Q : In what extent will it be different from Pandora T. or Chaos T. ?

A: In the Spy vs. Spy mode, it is pretty obvious: both team are equivalent and have the same abilities: the objective is not about knowing the maps or the use of every gadget, but but to shoot, fight and move better than the others - skill based Gameplay.

On X360, the recruitment and progression system has deep consequences on a match: with a persistent agent, the game can't end when the objectives are taken. The spy has to escape the map to fulfil its objective, which adds a lot of tension. The team focused on the Escape Moves to make it spectacular and dangerous, like in famous heist movies. On the other hand, the Upsilon Forces need new weapons to track and kill the spies. The Drones, very lethal gadgets, make the game more violent and more powerful for the Upsilon Forces.

During the first games, the Challenge Mode allow the players to learn the basic game rules. But against bots with your team-mates, it's also the best way to learn cooperation and teamwork, and to improve. Multiple Challenges will allow diehard fans to test themselves against deadly AI, which is the only way to get the 100% mark on every map!