Splatoon 3 Story Mode
by on Sep 24, 2021

Splatoon 3 offers a look at gameplay and story mode in latest trailer

Nintendo dumped a whole paint can of new Splatoon 3 info during last night’s Nintendo Direct, including a peek into the game’s Story Mode.

The singleplayer campaign is entitled Return of Mammalians, where we’ll play as a young Inkling from Splatsville. They’re recruited by the New Squidbeak Splatoon and are appointed as ‘Agent 3’. Setting out into the location of Alterna, they’ll be taking on the Octarians who threaten the whole of the Splatlands.

It seems Alterna is also home of a new substance known as ‘Fuzzy Ooze’ which pulsates throughout the levels. Touching the ooze will immobilise an Inkling and cause hair to sprout all over its body. However, your Smallfry companion can gobble up the mysterious substance, and this will be key to progression. The Squid Sisters will also make their return in the campaign, as Agents 1 and 2.

Away from the singleplayer mode, we also got some new info on the classic multiplayer mode. Expect new stages such as Eeltail Alley, the Museum d’Alfonsino and Scorch Gorge. You’ll also be able to battle with several special weapons, including the Crab Tank which can transform into a ball. There’s also the Big Bubbler, the Trizooka and the Zipcaster. You can read more about those over on the game’s official website.

Check out the new trailer for yourself below. Splatoon 3 is currently headed for the Nintendo Switch in 2022.


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