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Potential Spider-Man 2 Release Date Accidentally Leaked by Venom Voice Actor

Spider-Man 2
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The release date for the highly-anticipated Spider-Man 2 has apparently been leaked by a person who has been involved with the development process since the beginning. Tony Todd, the voice actor for the villainous Venom, accidentally let slip through a Twitter post that the web-slinging Marvel follow-up would be released in late 2023.

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The talented performer has since deleted the post in question, but not before the quick-handed internet community were able to take screenshots of it. With Insomniac yet to confirm the date given, however, the information provided still needs to be taken with the customary grain of salt.

Nevertheless, we’ll still be providing our prediction for the game’s release date now that the time frame has allegedly been revealed.

Spider-Man 2 Expected Release Date

We expect Spider-Man 2 to be released in late September based on the revelation from the Venom voice actor himself. Even though this date hasn’t been confirmed at the time of writing, most of the information that’s been provided so far, such as the Fall 2023 launch time frame, points to it being the most likely outcome.

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If you haven’t been following along with the story of the Spider-Man video game universe so far, then allow us to give you a refresher. The first web-slinging installment focused mainly on Peter Parker and his quest to save his neighborhood from Mister Negative and the Sinister Six.

The next entry, on the other hand, revolved around Miles Morales and his struggles around balancing his regular life with his superhero persona. Instead of Fisk, Mister Negative, and the Sinister Six, however, Miles takes on a high-tech criminal group called the Underground led by the mysterious Tinkerer.

In Spider-Man 2, fans of the series will finally have the best of both worlds as Peter Parker and Miles Morales finally collaborate to combat an even more malevolent force in Venom.

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