Sony targeting 13 million PS3 sales for fiscal 13

Sony targeting 13 million PS3 sales for fiscal 13
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Sony is aiming to sell 13 million PlayStation 3 consoles globally between April 2012 and March 2013, SCEE boss Jim Ryan has told VideoGamer.

“We’re really just focussing on PS3 right now,” Ryan told us during E3.

“We’ve got a target, which is a matter of public record, of 13 million units to sell this fiscal year. It’s pretty demanding, but given the software that was on display we’ve got a pretty good crack at that.

“I’m given demanding, aggressive numbers to meet, and that’s what I’m focussed on right now. I think [SCE Worldwide Studios president] Shuhei Yoshida’s team has given me the tools to do that. I’m going to go out there and nail it.”

The latest figures released by Sony revealed that the firm had sold 63.9m PlayStation 3s globally by March 2012.

22m of those were sold across Europe.

SCEE hasn’t forgotten about Vita, though.

“We’ve just got to focus on building install base, and that’s what we do,” added Ryan.

“We’ve been in the market three months now and we’re perfectly comfortable with the way the thing is doing. We run our lives on a five-to-ten horizon with these things, and we’re looking at our product strategy in those sorts of terms, looking at content strategy in those sorts of terms, looking forward to Christmas 2012.

“I’m pleased with the software line-up, and I think it’s going to do very well.”

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