by on Jun 27, 2019

Sony & Square Enix are working on a live action Final Fantasy TV series

Long running RPG series Final Fantasy is set to get a live action TV series courtesy of Sony Pictures Television, Square Enix and Hivemind, the production company responsible for the upcoming The Witcher TV series for Netflix.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series will be an all new original story based in the world of Eorzea, which is the world from MMO Final Fantasy XIV. However, characters and elements from several games from across the 30-year entire series will pop up along the way, including – naturally – Chocobos and a version of Cid, one of the few characters that appears in multiple entries across the franchise.

There’s no word on where the TV series will pop up at this time, or when exactly we’ll get to see it on screens, but in the world of the games we’ve got both the Final Fantasy VII Remake to look forward to and a long-awaited remaster of Final Fantasy VIII. 




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