Maneater is now free on Epic Games Store

Maneater is now free on Epic Games Store
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Maneater, the game in which you play as a shark, devouring people as you wish, is now free on the Epic Games Store.

If you are a player of PC games, and you have also wished, in your darkest moments, that you were a shark, good news! Maneater should do the trick.

In it, you play a shark pup that swells to full and deadly size, and then kills people in a coastal town. You are free to roam as you wish, and you can even mutate your shark, bestowing upon it bizarre powers.

In VideoGamer’s review of the game, I said:

“The chief pleasures on offer are those of the power fantasy and of the newly burgeoning subgenre that we might call the zoological misadventure. The mascot of this movement is the titular goose from last year’s Untitled Goose Game, whose role was simply to ruin the afternoons of a restful village.

“The developer, Tripwire Interactive, has clearly proceeded with a simple brief: to evoke the feeling of driving Mother Nature’s Ferrari. . . . For connoisseurs of gore, Jaws Unleashed—with its billowing vapour trails of blood and fully featured dismemberment—may remain unbeaten, but Maneater, while possessing fewer teeth in that regard, is still the superior game.”

Closing thoughts: someone should do a game that is essentially Maneater, but with a bear.