Sniper Elite 5
Ben Borthwick by on Dec 13, 2021

Sniper Elite 5 has got a 2022 release date in its sights

UK studio Rebellion has announced a new entry in its long-running shooter series, with Sniper Elite 5 set for launch in 2022.

This time around elite marksman Karl Fairburne will be travelling to France in 1944. As part of a covert US Rangers operation, he makes contact with the French Resistance. Together, they uncover a Nazi plot that could end the war before the Allies even storm the beaches of Normandy. Naturally, it’s up to Karl to take out some high-ranking Nazi officials and destroy Operation Kraken.

Sniper Elite 5 promises the largest and “most immersive” maps in the series history to date, all based on real world locations from the war. To help Karl get around them, he’ll have a whole new traversal system at his disposal. This includes judicious use of ziplines, sliding down slops and clambering up ledges.

Multiplayer will play a large part of this entry too. You’ll be able to have a friend drop in and help out with newly improved co-op mechanics, including ammo & item sharing. For something more adversarial, you’ll also be able to invade another player’s campaign as an Axis sniper. Alternatively, you can take part in more traditional multiplayer battles with up to 16 players total. There’s also a survival mode for you and up to three other chums against waves of enemies.

And of course, mechanics from previous entries in the series are returning. Rifle stock, wind speed, gravity and heart rate will all have to be taken into consideration when making a shot. And those grisly slo-mo x-ray killcams also make their return, for you gorehounds.

Sniper Elite 5 is currently pencilled in for a 2022 launch on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC. It’ll also be available from launch on Xbox Game Pass.


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Sniper Elite 5

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Sniper Elite 5

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26 May 2022