by on Nov 26, 2021

Sifu can be beaten in one run without aging, says producer

Upcoming kung fu brawler Sifu won’t have difficulty settings, but will be beatable in one run without aging.

That’s according to the game’s producer Pierre Tarno. He was speaking in an interview with MP1st. “We want Sifu to challenge players and to encourage them to learn, improve and adapt. The ability to rise up from death will help new players by allowing them to fail and try again multiple times when they face difficulty. But the price of mistakes will rapidly increase, and in order to fully complete the game they will have to master the combat system.”

Tarno also confirmed that the game won’t have difficulty options at launch, but said that the team may consider it as an after launch update if there’s a demand.

As a quick refresher, Sifu is a revenge tale told over the course of one fateful night. Your hero wears an amulet that can resurrect them if they take fatal damage. However, this power comes at the cost of years taken from their life. Die too many times, and you’ll become too old to continue, and then it’s game over.

Last week we got the pleasant news that the game has actually been brought forward by two weeks. This means Sifu will now launch on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC on February 8.


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