Ys Net has released a new Shenmue 3 trailer that tours the idyllic mountain villages of Guilin, China.

Described as a ‘mood video’, this trailer doesn't offer any plot or character introductions, and instead sails around the tranquil locations that players will visit in the next entry to the Shenmue series. There’s a quiet village, with a tiny market and sunflower grove. A cosmopolitan area is tucked away in the mountains, and its architecture is lit with dainty paper lanterns at night to a gorgeous sunrise. But, what’s caught my eye is the big pizza pie. It’s a seriously big moon. Makes me worry that we’ve got an Armageddon situation on our hands. In mid-September, Kickstarter backers will receive an email asking them which version of the game they would like to receive. 

Soaking in the peaceful ambience of the trailer, it’s easy to forget that Shenmue 3 has had quite the tumultuous development journey. In 2015, a Kickstarter campaign was launched and successfully funded having raised a total of over $7.1 million. Shenmue 3 suffered delay after delay, and then became an Epic exclusive title on PC. This was met with a backlash as some Kickstarter backers wanted refunds in response to the decision, and Epic Games pledged to cover the cost so that Ys Net’s development funds would be unaffected

Shenmue 3 will release for PlayStation 4 and PC on November 19. Watch the trailer below.


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