Shadow Warrior 3
by on Oct 26, 2021

Shadow Warrior 3 has been delayed into 2022

Devolver Digital and Flying Hog Studios have announced a delay to upcoming FPS Shadow Warrior 3.

A short statement made the announcement on the publisher’s Twitter account. “Shadow Warrior 3 needs a bit more time to sharpen its blades so developer Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital are sliding it into early next year”. We also got a trailer to go with the announcement too, which was a nice touch.

The third Shadow Warrior game was announced back in July of last year. It sees assassin Lo Wang return and Orochi Zilla teaming up to recapture an ancient dragon. A dragon that they accidentally unleashed from its eternal prison, which seems like a bad day at the office.

Expect dynamic combat arenas, plenty of firepower and the series’ signature over-the-top swordplay. You’ll have to master Wang’s wealth of traversal skills, including air dashes, wall running, double jumps and a brand new grappling hook. Our most recent look at the game was during this year’s Devolver Direct showcase at E3 2021 back in June.

Devolver has told us to expect more news on the game in the coming months. There’s no specific date yet, but Shadow Warrior 3 is aiming to land on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in early 2022.


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Shadow Warrior 3

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Shadow Warrior 3

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