Cult of the Lamb introduces some furry friends in latest trailer

Cult of the Lamb introduces some furry friends in latest trailer
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Devolver Digital has dropped a new trailer for the publisher’s upcoming twisted cult-leading rogue-lite, Cult of the Lamb.

Playing as a literal lamb saved from the slaughter, you decide to use your reprieve to form a demon-worshipping following. Naturally, this following has to use the cutesy critters and animals of the forest. So we meet a few of those who’ll provide assistance – and sometimes other things – as you set about your quest in this trailer.

They include Ratau, who will act as your mentor on your journey. As well as teaching you the basics, he’ll also teach you a dice game called Knucklebones. Next up is Clauneck, a card dealing fortune teller. He’ll offer you a choice of two tarot cards you can pick between that can give you a vital buff during your dungeon runs. However, you’ll only be able to take one of these on your quest.

Similarly, Kudaai acts as the weaponsmith in this game. He’ll offer a choice of weapons and curses you’ll be able to use to smite the non-believers. These will offer buffs like being able to shoot multiple projectiles, or armour and defence. Just like with Caluneck, you’ll only be able to pick one of them. Helob the Spider meanwhile can trap unsuspecting creatures found wandering the wood. You can free them so they can join your cult and grow its ranks… for a price.

You’ll meet these characters and many more besides when the game arrives on August 11 on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC. Check out the Cult of the Lamb trailer for yourself down below.