Salt & Sacrifice
Ben Borthwick by on Feb 11, 2022

Salt and Sacrifice dated for May 10 launch on PlayStation 5, PS4 and PC

Soulslike platformer Salt and Sacrifice will arrive on PlayStation consoles and PC on May 10, Ska Studios has announced.

You’ll be making your way through the decaying Altarstone Kingdom, rife with Corrupted Mages. These evil beings have the command of the elements at their disposal, and it’ll be up to you as a Marked Inquisitor to slay them. You’ll pick one of eight character classes, and start off your quest for redemption with an array of weapons and abilities.

There’s no need to go through the trials alone, however. You’ll also be able to join factions in both PvE and PvP flavours. The former will allow you to summon fellow Marked Inquisitors to help you take down tough bosses. Alternatively, factions like the Shroud Alliance will allow you to invade other players’ games and hunt them down for some less honourable rewards.

The follow up to Salt and Sanctuary was first announced last summer. We’ve had a couple of looks at gameplay since then, and it all looks suitably gothic with plenty of screen-filling bosses too. You can check out a brand new trailer to mark the game getting a release date for yourself down below. Salt and Sacrifice will be with us on May 10 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.


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Salt and Sacrifice

on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

Release Date:

Early 2022