Josh Wise by on May 20, 2022

Saber CEO says Metacritic’s importance on game sales is gone

Saber Interactive CEO Matthew Karch spoke about Metacritic, saying that the site’s impact on game sales is on the wane.

During Embracer Group’s Q4 Report presentation (via VG 24/7), Karch spoke about the launch of Evil Dead: The Game. The game has, apparently, sold 500,000 units in less then a week. Karch spoke about the game’s review scores, which aren’t terrific.

Karch said:

“The other thing we’ve learned is that the days of a Metacritic score determining how well a game sells are long gone.

“Games are sold by the quality of the product itself, irrespective of how well the game performs. I can name games that scored 8s and 9s that, I can tell you, publishers wished they never released. It’s nice to put a plaque on your wall, but if you can’t afford the nail to hang the plaque, what’s the point, right?”

This is a nice way of looking at things, in a way. That people place such bizarre importance on a number, rather than on critique—which traditionally utilises things like words and thoughts—is sad. It’s also not pleasant when one hears about studios rewarding their employees monetarily if a game achieves certain scores.

Not that Metacritic doesn’t provide a useful service. Just that it maybe shouldn’t determine the success of entire games and genres.


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