Redfall progression is tied to the host in co-op, confirms Arkane

Redfall progression is tied to the host in co-op, confirms Arkane
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Arkane has offered up some more details on co-op vampire shooter Redfall, including on how progression will work.

The game will have a full campaign, of course, that can be played either solo or with friends in co-op. Naturally, gamers were wondering how this would effect players progress in terms of the story. It turns out that though character progression will persist, only the player who acts as the host will save their story progress.

Game director and designer Harvey Smith revealed the news to IGN in an interview on the game. “Whoever hosts the session, initiates the session, their progress is persistent for them. But (for) other people, it’s not. Your character progress is, like any weapons you find and any levels you gain, all of that is persistent.  But in terms of what missions you’ve unlocked and such… the host, their progression matters.”

“If you sign on with your friend, and they’re halfway through the game,” he elaborated. “And you play the second half of the game with them, and then you need to go back and you want to play on your own? You’ll be starting at the beginning of the campaign with that character.”

Harvey also revealed that once you start the campaign with a certain character, you’ll have to finish it with them. You’ll be able to pick another character, but you’ll have to start their own campaign separately. Once you’ve finished the campaign, you’ll be able to either level up the first character further by playing through again with them, or change to a new character.

We got a decent look at the first gameplay proper for Redfall last weekend, during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase. Redfall will arrive in 2023 on Xbox Series X|S and PC and will also be available via Xbox Game Pass.