Red Dead Redemption update 1.03 adds a surprise 60FPS option on PS5

Red Dead Redemption update 1.03 adds a surprise 60FPS option on PS5
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Rockstar has added a 60FPS option to its recently released remaster of the original Red Dead Redemption in a new patch today for those playing on PlayStation 5.

The update went live in the closing hours of last night, but the patch didn’t detail much in the way of changes other than bug fixes. However, keen-eyed players spotted the addition when they went to the menu, although the option to increase framerate wasn’t showing up for everyone. We now have an explanation as to why, as Rockstar has now updated the game’s patch notes to reveal that you can now play the adventure in 60FPS but only when playing the game on PlayStation 5 via backwards compatibility.

The cowboy classic finally got a release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch back in August, with the 2010 game originally only being available on Xbox 360 and PS3. However, the Xbox version was playable on Xbox Series X|S and even got some graphical updates when playing on the new console, including the ability to play with 60FPS instead of the default 30. Not so much this new PlayStation 4 version when played on the newer PS5, until now. Thanks to the recent patch, update 1.03 adds this capability while also adding the option to add subtitles when the game starts, without having to wait to get to a menu.

You can check out the full patch notes down below, care of Rockstar Support. This version of Red Dead Redemption is available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch and also includes the Undead Nightmare expansion.

Red Dead Redemption Title Update 1.03 patch notes

  • Added an option to enable 60 FPS when played on PlayStation 5 via backward compatibility
  • Added an option to enable subtitles upon first booting the game
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Players were hoping for a Red Dead Redemption remaster announcement before this version of the game was revealed, to many fans disappointment. Save some of that pity for the PC fans though, as a PC version of Red Dead Redemption looks further away than ever.