Realistic Minecraft Steve animation will endlessly haunt your nightmares

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A realistic Minecraft Steve animation has recently been making the rounds on Reddit and it will haunt your nightmares for days on end. The post containing the realistic variant of the iconic character was initially shared through the Minecraft subreddit and its notoriety has started trending upward ever since.

The thread in question simply features a short clip of a seemingly innocent figure continuously hacking away at a tree while an unassuming onlooker watches curiously. As the observer gets closer, though, the constant thudding that could be heard instantly stops as the character hitting the tree suddenly vanishes. The spectator then turns around and finds the realistic version of Minecraft Steve standing menacingly behind them, undoubtedly planning to bludgeon them with the fists they were using to hit the tree from earlier.

Those commenting under the thread were naturally spooked at this horrific snippet as it presents the beloved character in a new and terrifying light. One user even said that “they won’t be sleeping tonight,” to which the post creator replied that they won’t need to worry, because Steve will keep them company at night.

According to the creative individual that made this nightmare fuel of an animation, they were able to bring this monstrosity to life through Blender, a popular 3D graphics software tool, by using its Cycles Renderer feature. After learning of its origins, one user immediately chimed in and jokingly asked what made them decide to bring this creature into the world.

These quips were all in good fun, though, as a majority of those that viewed the short video congratulated the artist on their amazing and realistic work. Hopefully, the next one that they create won’t be as horrifying as Minecraft Steve, and will instead be something similar to their brilliant 3D recreation of Chucky Finster from Rugrats.

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