PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Miramar map will finally hit the Xbox One version of the battle royale title on May 24 , Microsoft announced during its latest Inside Xbox episode.

Miramar is PUBG's second map and takes on a desert theme, differing considerably from Erangel. It was originally released on test servers for Xbox One a few weeks back, though was dogged by numerous technical issues. 

As previously confirmed by VideoGamer, the map was released on the mobile version of PUBG earlier this week and has been out on PC for a while now. 

Elsewhere, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One edition of the chicken dinner-giving-shooter will receive a new update designed to improve overall performance of the game, though no further details were given.

PUBG Corp. is currently confusing players with the addition of mysterious golden treasure chests in the game's new Sanhok map on PC. 

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