According to data from SteamDB, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds yesterday failed to attract one million daily players on PC for the first time in a staggering 12 months. Why? Because of Call of Duty: Blacks Ops 4. Maybe.

In case you missed it, Black Ops 4 developer Treyarch hosted the shooter's much-anticipated Blackout beta yesterday, albeit only for folk who pre-ordered the game on PlayStation 4. 

It could just be a coincidence, although when you consider that Blackout is a battle royale mode very similar to PUBG, it does set alarming bells ringing.

That's not to say that PUBG Corp's chicken dinner-giving shooter didn't still pull in the punters, though. It still managed 960,000 players yesterday, so it wasn't really all bad news. Still, its peak of 3.2 million gamers back in January has steadily been decreasing ever since.

PUBG's biggest rival is obviously Fortnite, the battle royale title developed by Epic Games. It's free, and has managed to gain the backing of various celebrites such as Drake, not to mention some pretty insane marketing efforts by its creator.

Still, there's plenty to watch out for regarding PUBG. Its developer has outlined a 'Fix PUBG' campaign for the months ahead, where it aims to roll out a number of quality-of-life updates.

In fact, you can check out the latest update right here.

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