Fortnite has continued its inexorable march towards global domination, this time by apparently leaking into the real world. Well, okay, it's just a big marketing stunt, but that doesn't sound quite as fun, does it?

Remember the rocket launch a few weeks ago, which caused a massive crack in time and space to appear in the sky? Well, items from Fortnite have now started 'leaking' into the real world, including Greasy Grove's Durr Burger, which has landed in California's Mojave Desert. 

A police cruiser has also been spotted alongside a camouflage tent, which reads: 'If you can read this you're in range of the anomaly.'

If that wasn't weird enough, Epic has also hired actors to portray Men in Black agents and hang around the area to hand out cards. These feature a working phone number that you can ring up, resulting in the sound of something being sucked into the rift. 

Amusingly these objects were discovered by a photographer who didn't have a Scooby's what Fortnite actually was, though after posting them on Twitter was quickly given the lowdown. 

Smart money is that this is all leading up to Fortnite Season Five, which is due to kick off on July 12. 

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