Twitch streamer Ninja, a streamer for Canadian esports team Luminosity who's big into Fortnite, managed to break a record last night for the most concurrent viewers on Twitch (for a non-tournament stream) – because Drake joined his stream. As in Drake the extremely famous musician, not a male duck. Drake is pretty good at Fortnite, it turns out. 

Ninja, who's real name is Tyler Blevins, got over 645,000 concurrent viewers, smashing the previous record of 388,000 held by Dr. DisRespect. Pittsburgh Steelers player JuJu Smith-Schuster and rapper Travis Scott also joined the stream. This all happened and I can prove it because it was recorded.

As well as dropping extra items and being a team player, Drake also confirmed that pineapple totally does go on pizza. Take that, fruit haters. Although he did say he's vegetarian now, so no Hawaiian's for Drake. As the stream progressed the internet began adding to Drake memes, of which there are already a healthy number, and making them more Fortnite appropriate.

Ninja gained a healthy bump (read: many thousands) of new subs. Drake healed Travis Scott and said 'God's Plan, let's get it.' Everyone wins. Especially those of us who like pineapple on pizza.

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