Double Fine has surprised everyone by releasing a not unsubstantial update to everyone's favourite game which they didn't buy, Psychonauts. In addition, a Mac version and a companion iOS app are also available.

Steam users can download a free update to their Psychonauts game which includes achievements, cloud saves, and a slightly modified Meat Circus.

"We are really excited to finally be answering fans' requests for a more difficult Meat Circus," joked Double Fine president Tim Schafer after revealing an easier Meat Circus.

"What about the part I paid for?" asked Steven Dengler, CEO of Dracogen Strategic Investments, which is a private investment firm which partnered with Double Fine to bring Psychonauts to the Mac.

"I have been a fan of Psychonauts and Double Fine for a long time," continued Dengler, "and I'm extremely happy to be helping them bring their games to new platforms like the Macintosh. All hail the supremacy of Dragons!"

In addition, Double Fine has also produced a free Psychonauts app for iOS. The Psychonauts Vault Viewer lets players view all of their favourite Memory Vaults from Psychonauts (even the ones they never found) on their handheld iOS device. Every vault from the game is included, plus newly-recorded audio commentary from Tim Schafer and Scott Campbell for every slide of every vault.

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