Buy a pre-owned copy of Fear 3 on PS3 and you won't currently be able to take the game online, Eurogamer reports.

In order to play Fear 3 multiplayer a code found in new copies of the game must be redeemed on the PlayStation Store. Buy second hand - with no multiplayer code - and you would typically be able to purchase this content on the store. However, in the case of Fear 3 this content is not listed on the European PlayStation Store.

The required DLC is the First Purchaser Maps and Modes pack, currently available for 800 MS Points on Xbox LIVE.

"The F.E.A.R. Pass providing access to F.E.A.R. 3 multiplayer modes F**king Run! and Soul Survivor is not currently available for purchase on the SCEE PSN Store," Warner confirmed to Eurogamer.

"However, players who have purchased the game new and have the F.E.A.R. Pass code that was included with their retail copy ARE currently able to download these modes as instructed on the DLC card that was delivered with the original packaging.

"We're working as quickly as possible to resolve the issue."

Jamin is furiously hammering his keyboard to bring you his thoughts on Fear 3. I can reveal it's not amazing, but neither is it awful.