A PS3 version of upcoming action hack and slash Dungeon Hero is "not out of the question", according to its developer.

Dungeon Hero, currently slated for a 2009 release on PC and Xbox 360, sees you slap bang in the middle of a goblin war. This time, however, you see the war from the goblins' point of view, from within a "living, breathing world" which depicts goblins in a new light.

When VideoGamer.com asked Firefly Studios co-founder Simon Bradbury why the studio wasn't doing a PS3 version, he replied: "That will be a question for Gamecock (the game's publisher) and it's not out of the question."

Gamecock's PR representative added: "There will be more details about such topics later in the year. Speculate as much as you want."

You can check out our full interview with Simon, where he discusses Dungeon Hero at length, right here. When you're done there, be sure to check out our preview of Dungeon Hero.