Pokémon TCG Temporal Forces expansion release date and reveals

Pokémon TCG Temporal Forces expansion release date and reveals
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The release date for Pokémon TCG Temporal Forces is scheduled for early 2024, alongside the release of cards and sets.

Here’s everything we know about the Temporal Forces expansion, of which the The Pokemon Center has revealed plenty of information already. Pre-orders for all of the sets are now live, though you won’t receive them until mid-March, closer to the set release date. You might also want to read about the Temporal Forces spoilers and card list we’ve found so far.

Pokémon TCG Temporal Forces release date now confirmed

The Pokémon TCG Temporal Forces release date is set for March 22nd, as confirmed by The Pokémon Center.

This is only two months after the release of Paldean Fates, the first set of 2024. Temporal Forces will offer more than 160 new cards, new illustrations, fresh Pokémon ex cards, and ACE SPEC cards too.

Very recently, Pokémon revealed a few brand new cards belonging to Temporal Forces. These include Gengar ex, Buddy-Buddy Poffin, Neo Upper Energy, an Iron Crown ex and a beautiful Mékayu-illustrated Drampa card.

Gengar ex Temporal Forces

A Gengar ex card above a blurred image of another Gengar.

One of the most exciting additions to the Gengar ex card is the Gnawing Curse ability, which adds 2 damage counters to opponents whenever they attach Energy cards to their hand. Even still, the card’s introduction has split the Pokémon TCG community with plenty of fans unwilling to part with funds for cards so similar to previous releases, while others are extremely interested in building Gengar decks around this card.

Buddy-Buddy Poffin & Neo Upper Energy (Temporal Forces)

A card game featuring a boy and a girl.

Less interesting than Gengar ex, there’s a new Buddy-Buddy Poffin and Neo Upper Energy card.

The former card is replacing the Battle VIP Pass, effectively allowing you to search your deck for cards with 70HP or less and put them onto your bench. If you’re the type of player who builds low-evolution decks, then this is going to be a great asset for you.

The former, Neo Upper Energy, is one of the new ACE SPEC cards which sports new traits over its predecessors. While it was formerly only possible to feature a single ACE SPEC card in a deck, now the Neo Upper Energy counts as 2 energies for a single type.

Drampa and Iron Crown ex

Finally, there’s a new Drampa art variant by illustrator Mékayu, sporting a beautiful 2D cover reminiscent somewhat of early Yoshi’s Island games. It’s not a particularly exciting card outside of the art, though it does feature Raging Cannon which can be combo-ed for 220 damage if you have injured ‘Mons on the bench.

Similarly, there’s a new Iron Crown ex card with a really intoxicating floral illustration.

What is the new Pokemon TCG expansion in 2024?

Temporal Forces is the first expansion of 2024, and follows on from Paradox Rift. It’s set for a launch on March 22nd.