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Ben Borthwick by on Apr 4, 2022

PlayStation boss confirms more acquisitions are planned following Bungie & Haven

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has confirmed that more studio acquisitions may be on the horizon in the near future.

Mr Ryan was speaking on the latest episode of the Official PlayStation Podcast, as spotted by Video Games Chronicle. While the main topic of conversation was the new PlayStation Plus, Ryan also touched upon the studio’s recent purchases bolstering the PlayStation Studios division. “We’re in a really good place with PlayStation Studios and have been for the past few years. The critical success and the commercial success of the games that they’ve been making… that has given us permission to invest heavily in content creation.”

“We’re growing our studios organically and we’re growing through acquisition,” he continued. “We acquired five studios during the course of 2021, we’re in discussions with Bungie and we have more planned. This is getting us into a virtuous cycle where success begets success.” Some of these aforementioned acquisitions include the $3.6 billion acquisition of Bungie in January along with Jade Raymond’s Haven studio just last month.

Of course, Jim has mentioned this ‘virtuous cycle’ previously. Most notably, when talking on how the new PlayStation Plus won’t include Day One first-party releases. He reiterated those words here, praising the work the first party studios have done. “Putting these games into a subscription service immediately upon their release would break this virtuous circle, and we wouldn’t be able to invest in the way that we’re currently able to. So we’re not doing it. We’re going to stick to the approach that we have and has served us well under many years now.”

Ryan didn’t give any indication which studios would be next to be welcomed into the PlayStation Studios family. For now, we’ll have to speculate which possible acquisitions PlayStation are eyeing up.


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