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Ben Borthwick by on Aug 4, 2021

PlayStation aiming to sell 12 million more PlayStation 5 consoles by March 2022

It sounds like obtaining a PlayStation 5 console may get a little easier soon, as Sony has claimed it has managed to secure enough hardware components to sell 12 million more consoles during its next fiscal year.

The comments came during the company’s latest earnings call transcribed by Video Games Chronicle. During the call, CFO Hiroki Totoki has apparently claimed that Sony has managed to secure enough semiconductors to achieve its target of selling a total of 22.6 million consoles by the end of March, 2022.

He said: “The shortage of semiconductors has impacts in various areas and through various measures, we have been taking some action. For PS5, the target has been set for the number of units to be sold this year, and we have secured the number of chips that is necessary to achieve that. Regarding the supply of semiconductors, we are not concerned.”

It’s quite the happy turnaround since May, when Totoki reportedly told investors that he was worried supply wouldn’t be able to keep up with demand, and that stock shortages of the console may continue into 2022.

Semiconductors have of course, been in short supply as a result of the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. It’s effected a lot of console and other computer hardware, meaning at present those wanting a next-generation console aren’t able to just buy them off the shelves. Instead, people have currently been forced to put their name down on various lists and use internet tools to try and grab a new console as waves of supplies of the new consoles come in.

Despite this, it hasn’t stopped the new consoles’ sales performance. Just last week, it was announced that PlayStation 5 consoles had reached the 10 million sales milestone. This figure makes the PlayStation 5 the fastest selling PlayStation console to date, hitting the target in just eight months since launching last November.


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