PlayStation 5
Ben Borthwick by on Mar 24, 2022

PlayStation 5 owners can now share game captures directly through the mobile PS App

PlayStation has announced that it has enabled the sharing of game captures directly through the PS App for users in Europe and the UK.

From today, players can now share screenshots or captured video clips directly via their smartphone once they’ve connected the app. Previously, anyone who wanted to share their captures would have to post them to social media and retrieve them from there. Alternatively, they could plug in a USB stick to transfer them to a PC and then transfer them to their phone.

With the new update, you can now set your console to auto-upload captures to the cloud. Then they’ll be available in the app on your phone for up to 14 days, ready to share wherever you like. You can download them to your phone’s storage too, if you want to save them for longer. You can check out the full details on how to set your console and app up for sharing here.

It should make sharing screenshots much easier now, without having to explain potentially spoilerific Aloy selfies on your timeline. The update originally enabled the functionality for US PlayStation 5 users last month, but is available from today for those of us on our side of the world.

It’s been a busy week for PlayStation updates, with the latest system software update graduating from beta just yesterday. In the next few months, the PlayStation 5 will also get a further update adding Variable Refresh Rate. For now, check out a quick primer video on the PlayStation game captures update in the tweet below.


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