PlayStation February 2022 updates
Ben Borthwick by on Feb 9, 2022

New PlayStation system software beta updates add Open Parties, PS5 voice control and more

PlayStation has announced that new system software updates are launching into beta today for both PS4 and PlayStation 5.

Voice chats are now officially known as Parties on both consoles. Open parties lets anyone on your friends list or your fellow party members’ list join. Closed parties, meanwhile are invite only. The Game Base menu on PS5 has now been divided into three tabs – Friends, Parties and Messages – to allow for quick changing between them. The Game Base menu has had some other tweaks too, letting you send friend requests without having to change screens.

The PS5 Home Screen also gets some love this update, with the ability to pin up to five games or apps. This means they’ll stay on the Home screen, even if you open several other games or apps afterwards. In fact, 14 tiles total can now appear on your home screen. There’s also now the ability to sort your games collection by genre too, and updates to the Trophy UI.

Perhaps the most welcome changes this system software update brings are new accessibility features to the PlayStation 5. One of the most major of these is the ability to control your PlayStation 5 using your voice. While just in the US and UK only for now, those who have the feature can open and search apps and games, as well as control media starting with the command “Hey PlayStation!”

There’s no word yet when these features will be out of beta and in general release just yet. However, if you’re wanting to try them now, the beta should be live for those that have opted in later today. You can read more on everything in the PlayStation system software updates beta over on the PlayStation Blog.


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