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Phil Spencer says Xbox must “Work to better meet expectations,” after Starfield delay

Phil Spencer
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Phil Spencer has addressed the delays of Starfield and Redfall, saying that Xbox has to “Work to better meet expectations.”

Speaking on Twitter, Spencer said:

“These decisions are hard on teams making the games & our fans. While I fully support giving teams time to release these great games when they are ready, we hear the feedback. Delivering quality & consistency is expected, we will continue to work to better meet those expectations.”

Of course, many Xbox fans were disappointed by the news, given that Xbox now doesn’t have any first-party releases for 2022.

Spencer was keen to support the decision to delay, considering that it is better to delay than release something unfinished. The fact remains, though, that Starfield was scheduled to come out November 11th. That window, just before Christmas, is huge. It takes on an even greater significance, though, because games like Starfield and Redfall will add big value to Xbox Game Pass.

There is an Xbox and Bethesda showcase currently set to go ahead on June 12th. This event has now taken on an added importance. It has to restore some good will with the fans, and it also has to get people excited for the future. Which is a strategy that Xbox has been doing, unfortunately, since its launch.


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06 September 2023