PGA Tour 2K23: How to Change Clubs

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PGA Tour 2K23 is very nearly here and soon, but in case you have forgotten how the game works or you skipped the tutorial, in this guide we are going to cover how to change your clubs. 

You can change your clubs whilst on the course, say if you want a 3 Wood instead of your Driver, but you can also change the appearance of your clubs before you enter a game. Below we will break down how to do both, just in case you were wondering. 

PGA Tour 2K23: How to Change Clubs

If you wish to change your clubs in PGA Tour 2K23 it is incredibly simple. Whilst you’re teeing up for a shot, and you can see how far you need to hit the ball, you simply need to press up or down on the D-pad to cycle through your clubs. 

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Once you have found the club you want to use, you simply stop cycling and it will change to the club you last had selected. It is incredibly seamless and takes no time at all. 

PGA Tour 2K23: How to Customise Clubs

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If you wish to customise your clubs then you will need to do this in the main menus. However, by following the steps below it’s very easy to do: 

  • From the main menu go to MyPlayer 
  • Once in this tab click on Locker 
  • The locker screen will show all of your clubs, select  the club you want to customise
  • From here click on Appearance to change how the club looks 
  • If you wish to change the features and stats of the club then select Fit
  • Once you have decided on what you want to change, simply select it and then either apply to just that club or to the set.

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