Pentiment is a historical mystery R.P.G. from Obsidian

Pentiment is a historical mystery R.P.G. from Obsidian
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Pentiment is a murder-mystery R.P.G., from Obsidian Entertainment, coming out this November, launching on Xbox Game Pass.

Check out the announcement trailer below:

The description reads:

“Set in 16th century Bavaria,  Pentiment will take players on a narrative journey through the eyes of Journeyman Artist Andreas Maler during a time of great social unrest. Led by game director Josh Sawyer, this game is brought to life by a talented team inspired by illuminated manuscripts, woodcut prints, and history itself.”

If the prospect of solving a mystery in 16th century Bavaria appeals, then this one is for you. Obsidian has something of a cult following when it comes to R.P.G.s. Its most celebrated game is probably Fallout: New Vegas, which some consider superior to Fallout 3.

Pentiment was one of the more appealing games in last night’s Xbox and Bethesda Showcase will be. We also got a longer look at Starfield in action. Ereban: Shadow Legacy looked really cool. Hideo Kojima turned up and said hello to Phil Spencer, before announcing his intention to bring something new to Xbox. And we got a good look at Redfall, which is coming out next year. Plus, if you like Metroidvanias, check out The Last Case of Benedict Fox.

Pentiment is out this November, with no specific date yet set, and it will launch on Xbox Game Pass.