Paper Mario the Thousand-Year Door remake release date, gameplay, and new content

Paper Mario the Thousand-Year Door remake release date, gameplay, and new content
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Paper Mario the Thousand-Year Door remake release date release

  • The Paper Mario remake will be released on Switch on May 23, 2024.
  • Paper Mario the Thousand-Year Door remake comes with new additions to the original game.

As announced on Mario Day, Paper Mario the Thousand-Year Door remake release date is nearly here. Originally released in 2004, this RPG Mario game is getting a full remake treatment and launching exclusively onto the Nintendo Switch. After starting on the Nintendo GameCube in 2004, this remake features new additions to the game, including a brand-new soundtrack, art and sound galleries, and more. Let’s look at the Paper Mario the Thousand-Year Door remake release date.

Explore the charming Mushroom Kingdom in the Paper Mario remake. Image via Nintendo

Paper Mario the Thousand-Year Door remake release date.

Paper Mario the Thousand-Year Door remake is out now. The release date for the game was Thursday, May 23 2024. Nintendo confirmed this launch date during a special broadcast on Mario Day (MAR10). The first announcement for the remake project happened during the September 2023 Nintendo Direct. While the original Thousand-Year Door game is playable on Switch, it is merely the original game accessed via the Nintendo Switch Online service. This version is a full remake, featuring improved graphics.

Paper Mario the Thousand-Year Door remake gameplay details

As a spin-off game, the Paper Mario series features completely different gameplay from your classic Mario games. As ever, Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door remake is set in the Mushroom Kingdom, following Mario on his adventure to save Princess Peach. Stop us if this sounds familiar, but Bowser has imprisoned the seven ‘Star Spirits’, lifted the princess’ castle into the sky, and stolen the Star Rod from Star Haven. As you might expect, Mario needs to track down the Star Spirits and defeat Bowser and his minions to save the day from the X-Nauts. Put simply, Mario needs to collect the Crystal Stars and other treasure before the nefarious X-nauts do.

Where the game deviates from a traditional Mario game is in the gameplay. You control Mario on his quest along with several partners to solve puzzles and beat enemies in a turn-based battle system. You will have to master timing-based attacks in this combat, testing your prowess to rescue Princess Peach. The battle system is centred around performing controller inputs to enhance your attacks. The first team to lose all their HP will lose the fight. Mario is joined on this journey by friends such as Goombella, Koops, Yoshi Kid, and Madame Flurrie. Mario can also equip special badges that grant various perks, such as increased defence.

Mario uses Yoshi Kid as a trusty steed. Image via Nintendo

Paper Mario the Thousand-Year Door remake new features

As this is a full remake of a game from 2004, you can expect plenty of new features, including improved graphics, quality-of-life additions, and much more to enhance the game while keeping the spirit of the original Paper Mario intact. Nintendo confirmed a suite of additional changes coming to Paper Mario the Thousand-Year Door remake, and these are: 

  • Upgraded visuals
  • A newly-arranged original soundtrack
  • Art and Sound Galleries, allowing you to listen to both the new and original versions of the soundtrack and check out character and location sketches.
  • An improved hint system so you can always remember where you should be heading next.
  • The Battle Master is here! This tough Toad is on hand to give you all kinds of combat tips.
  • A new ‘pipe room’ hidden beneath Rogueport that allows you to quickly return to areas you’ve already completed – handy when going back for a visit!

A trailer for the remake was also released, showing off some of these new additions. It has also been confirmed that the remake will run at 30fps on the Switch. This might cause some issues with people, considering the original game ran at 60fps. For more upcoming releases in 2024, check out our main release hub so you never miss a new game.