Once Human Beta tester shares a list of all Deviant locations and moods

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Once Human is live, and one of the things players are looking for are the Deviants. Deviants are an important part of the game, as they offer new powers, and helpers for your base, and even unlock new recipes and blueprints. To help you complete the game, beta testers have shared a Google Sheet containing, everything you need to know about Deviant locations, their roles, unlocks, and needs.

It is important to mention that the information is from the previous beta tests. However, based on some of our own testing and trying them out ourselves, they seem to be very accurate.

All Deviants in Once Human

If you want the quick cheat sheet for all Deviants in Once Human, you can check out Kurewe’s Google Sheet, linked here.

The document is rammed with useful information. You can find out what types of improvements you can make to your base to help the Devinats you have. There’s also mention of the abilities that they do, along with the research they can award, depending on what the Deviant does. It’s very important to increase the mood of the Deviants because the mood will affect their productivity efficiency for the tasks they do and get their power back much more quickly. 

The only thing the Sheet doesn’t do properly is help illustrate where the Deviant locations are in Once Human. However, there’s another community project that allows players to find some of the potential spawns or other important areas. You can check out Doapa’s interactive map, where they placed some of the locations down from their travels of Deviants and other important things for progression. You can use this to help make finding some of the locations a lot easier.

So, using that sheet and map together, should make hunting all of the Deviants in Once Human dramatically easier. Also, one Deviant, the Wish Maker you can create yourself, uses a gacha system for your resources with the potential to grab blueprints.

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