When is the next Once Human server wipe?

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  • The next server wipe will likely take place on August 20 2024
  • Server wipes will delete all characters, most items, and anything you’ve built or crafted
  • You can save some items by spending Material Points to send them to Eternaland

If you’re playing Once Human, then you’re going to be well aware of server wipes. Every now and again, developers Starry Studio need to perform a server wipe, and while this will eliminate all the progress you’ve already made, it’s done to make sure there’s always fresh content for you to check out in-game.

So if you’re curious about when the next server wipe is so you can make sure you’re prepared, we’ve got all the info about when you can expect the next one to occur, as well as what exactly it entails.

When is the next Once Human server wipe: A grey house surrounded by trees and a grassy landscape.
Unfortunately, anything you’ve built will be deleted during a server wipe. Image via Starry Studio

Next Once Human server wipe

We are expecting the next Once Human server wipe to occur on Tuesday, August 20 2024. Every season in Once Human is scheduled to last six weeks, and August 20 falls exactly six weeks after the beginning of season one. That being said, there’s always a chance that the new season could start a few days on either side of this date, so take it with a pinch of salt.

It’s been confirmed that server wipes are not only used as a means of adding new content into the game to deliver fresh experiences but it’s also used as a way to conduct maintenance on the servers. As we’re so early in the game’s cycle, there might be a bit more maintenance to do, pushing the date back a little.

What happens in a server wipe in Once Human?

Essentially, a server wipe will delete all of the progress you made during the current season of Only Human. That means your character, most items, and everything you’ve crafted or built in the game will be completely erased. There are a few special items you’ll keep, such as cosmetics and blueprints, but for everything else, you’ll have to start from scratch.

You can save some of your items by sending them to Eternaland. This can be done by spending Material Points, and will let you keep your items in a special ‘home world’. Material Points refresh every season, so don’t be afraid to use them to save your most treasured possessions.

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