Swearing at Kinect for controversial decisions in FIFA 13 will not result in a booking, EA Canada has confirmed to Kotaku.

After EA revealed Kinect voice-support for FIFA 13 at this year's E3, one of the big talking points was the ability for players to swear at match officials. It wasn't confirmed whether player-controlled characters would received bookings for dissent or not, but developers have since told Kotaku this was too difficult to implement in the latest entry of the popular franchise.

Deciding which player should be disciplined, non-players swearing into the Kinect microphone, and other factors meant that EA Canada decided to keep cards in the referee's pockets.

But swearing will have an impact on matches, with commentators acknowledging foul language, strict match-officiating and affects to your Manager or Pro's storyline.

FIFA 13 is due for release on September 28.