No, Starfield isn’t being review bombed… yet, anyway

No, Starfield isn’t being review bombed… yet, anyway
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Since the latest Xbox Games Showcase gave fans an in-depth look at the highly anticipated Bethesda space RPG game Starfield many have been waiting with bated breath to see any more content related to the game. Previous reports have suggested that despite the Starfield release date being in September, it’s already getting review-bombed on Metacritic. However, that is not the case, or at least not yet anyway.

Being posted on the Starfield Reddit user brotherlymoses notes that “Starfield isn’t even out and it’s already being review bombed!” while linking to a now-deleted Metacritic review giving the game a zero out of 10. The original review from Metacritic account Joppsta360 reads: “Bethesda – because making games that work out of the box is less important than figuring out all the ways to extract as much money from your bank account as possible. Starfield Super Special 76 edition includes the expected disappointment. Comes with a shot glass so you can participate in the recurring Internet Historian drinking game. Take a shot every time Todd Howard lies. Or don’t, you will be dead from alcohol poisoning 5 minutes into the 20+ minute masterpiece highlighting yet another Bethesda disasterpiece.”

While it’s almost impossible to dissect what this user is even trying to say Joppsta360 had the only negative review for Starfield before it was taken down. The current PC and Xbox review pages for Starfield are now completely clean with no critic or user reviews on the site. While it is pretty safe to say that Starfield isn’t the subject of a review bombing campaign yet many fans have been upset with Metacritic’s policy to even allow reviews at all for a period despite the game being nowhere near release. User Andrew_Waples said, “I don’t know what site that is, but I thought most put restrictions on it that the game at least has to be out first.”

There are still plenty of reasons for you to be excited for Starfield as the game will let you be an outer space hitman as bounty system gets revealed. There are also still tidbits of Starfield’s lore to be found in what we’ve seen so far as Starfield predicts a grim fate for Earth, after the community spots this detail.

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