No Man’s Sky patch notes today will let you experience the Death Star’s destruction

No Man’s Sky patch notes today will let you experience the Death Star’s destruction
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The redemption of No Man’s Sky continues as developer Hello Games has released another batch of patch notes, this time containing an update that lets you experience what it was like to destroy the Death Star. The addition of a new combat mode called Trench Run enables you to fly your starship directly into hulking Dreadnoughts, allowing you to destroy these superstructures by striking directly at their core à la Luke Skywalker.

Of course, this new offering won’t be as straightforward as the destruction of the Death Star, so you may need to learn how to save in No Man’s Sky beforehand. This is because as you make your way to a Dreadnought’s core, you will be faced with several deadly turrets and rows of exploding, naval mine-like objects before reaching your objective. With this in mind, you will need to be as efficient as possible in maximizing your starship’s capabilities since the update will let you divert power to your spacecraft’s engines, shields, and weapons as well.

Of course, Hello Games’ improvements to starship combat depth isn’t the only change included with the Echoes patch as new missions are also being introduced with this update. In it, you will be joining up with a new character named Priest Entity Nada “to investigate, meet, and perhaps befriend the mysterious robotic Autophage,” who are a long-hidden robotic civilization. The guided mission chain lets you find out more about this secretive group of mechs and “what it means for the universe as a whole.”

The developers have also made a number of other significant content additions including multi-tool salvaging, foveated rendering for PSVR2, and exclusive expedition rewards, all of which you’ll be able to check out through their in-depth blog post. If you want to learn more about the game’s basics, though, then take a look at our guides on how to switch multi-tool and how to find carbon in No Man’s Sky instead.