Nintendo Switch
by on Sep 15, 2021

Nintendo Switch finally supports Bluetooth audio in latest console update

Nintendo has released a new system update for the Nintendo Switch that finally allows the system to use Bluetooth audio.

While the console originally launched in 2017, wireless headsets or earphones without a third-party add on wasn’t an option until now.  As per the update notes, Ver 13.0.0. will allow you to connect headphones, earbuds, speakers and other devices. However microphones are still unsupported. On top of that, it won’t work while local wireless communication is active. You’ll also only be able to have a maximum of two wireless controllers connected while Bluetooth audio is active.

Elsewhere, this update also allows non-Lite Nintendo Switch systems to get updates for the Dock firmware. Handily, it also adds the option to maintain a wired connection in sleep mode, meaning you can now finish up downloads on a LAN without having to wake up the console.

A couple of smaller additions update the Calibrate Control Sticks function, and let you know if an internet connection uses a 2.4 or a 5GHz frequency band. Handy! You can read the full patch notes just over here.

The Nintendo Switch Bluetooth audio update should be available to download now in your system settings menu. Earlier this week, it was revealed base Nintendo Switch models will be getting a price cut. Coming up, the new Nintendo Switch OLED version launches in just a few short weeks, on October 8.


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