Nintendo renews almost 40 trademarks, including Eternal Darkness, Ocarina of Time, and WarioWare

Nintendo renews almost 40 trademarks, including Eternal Darkness, Ocarina of Time, and WarioWare
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Nintendo has submitted almost 40 video game trademarks for renewal, including titles like Kid Icarus, The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Super Mario Sunshine, and WarioWare (via Nintendo Life).

Generally, there is a trickle of trademark renewals from video game developers and publishers throughout the year, with companies wishing to guarantee their intellectual property is good to go. Oftentimes, this is standard procedure, and doesn’t infer that a new game from an existing series is imminent. The developer is just ensuring that it still has the rights to make things from that property, by insuring the owner of the series. However, Nintendo has filed 39 trademarks for classic titles from past generations. These were carried out in Japan and were spotted by Japanese Nintendo, who has the full list for us:

  •  Alleyway
  •  Cruis’n
  •  Animal Crossing: City Folk
  •  Balloon Kid
  •  Card Hero
  •  Dillon’s Rolling Western The Last Ranger
  •  Eternal Darkness
  •  Face Raiders
  •  Freaky Forms
  •  Golden Sun Dark Dawn
  •  Jam With The Band
  •  Kid Icarus
  •  Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards
  •  Kirby Air Ride
  •  Kirby Mass Attack
  •  Kirby’s Adventure
  •  Majora’s Mask
  •  Mario Sports
  •  Mario vs. Donkey Kong Mini-Land Mayhem!
  •  Mario vs. Donkey Kong Minis March Again!
  •  Nintendogs + Cats
  •  Nintendo Presents Style Boutique
  •  Ocarina of Time
  •  Phantom Hourglass
  •  Pullblox
  •  Pushmo
  •  Radar Mission
  •  Shadows of Almia (Pokémon Ranger)
  •  Skyward Sword
  •  Spirit Camera
  •  Steel Diver
  •  Super Mario Sunshine
  •  Super Mario World
  •  Swapnote
  •  The Adventure of Link
  •  The Wind Waker
  •  Urban Champion
  •  WarioWare Smooth Moves
  •  Wave Race

That’s a lot. Notably, there are a few titles here that haven’t made come across to the Switch, like Nintendogs + Cats and WarioWare. Gamecube games like Super Mario Sunshine and Eternal Darkness have cropped up, and oldies like Kid Icarus and Wave Race appear. Even Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is there, which is an interestng pick. In all likelihood, Nintendo is keeping its properties secure and processed the ones that were approaching their expiration with frightening efficiency. But, in this list is an excellent opportunity to (finally) bring WarioWare to the Switch! Please, Nintendo, it’s frankly ridiculous that there isn’t a reboot or remake on the portable platform. We can’t tell what the company’s intentions are with these renewed trademarks, but fingers crossed that there are a collection of ports coming in the future.