A new report has suggested that the next Xbox will ship in 2015/2016 and will run Microsoft's OS due after Windows 8. This is My Next also speculates that this new operating system will be for all Microsoft devices, including PCs and mobile devices.

The website claims to have a source which has revealed that Microsoft is to "harmonise not only Windows for PCs and Windows Phone, but also the Xbox operating system sometime within the next four years".

This would give the next Xbox a launch window of approximately 2015/2016. The report also fits with what Andy Lees, president of Microsoft's Windows Phone Division said at the recent Worldwide Partner Conference. He stated that Microsoft would eventually have a "single ecosystem" for its devices.

If true the 2015 date is some way off from existing rumours of a new Xbox launching in the next few years and that MS is likely to reveal the Xbox 720 at E3 2012.