New Pokémon Snap
by on Jul 29, 2021

New Pokémon Snap update to add more monsters and areas

A free update for New Pokémon Snap will add more areas and monsters to the game, on August 3.

Nintendo announced the update in a new trailer, showing off Ho-Oh, Gyrados, and Pancham. Keep an eye out, too, for the new environments—including desert sweeps and a rainforest.

Check out the trailer:

For seasoned Snappers, this will be cause for delirious celebration. Note, as well, the way that your photographer’s vehicle shrinks down. Whether you will be able to shrink at will—the better to capture minute critters—remains to be seen.

New Pokémon Snap is an intriguing game. I reviewed it for VideoGamer, and it left a wonderful but strange impression. At its heart was a pure idea, soundly executed, but also the faint trace of something missing.

The best thing about the game was its uses of the gyro in the Nintendo Switch. “The best way to play New Pokémon Snap, the way to extract an authentic thrill, is to stand up.” True enough, the best thing was leaping around the living room and swinging the Switch.

I enjoyed my time with it, but it left me with a strange impression. “There is the same sensation here—that of inherent slightness, given overexposure—that haunts both Luigi’s Mansion sequels.”


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New Pokémon Snap

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New Pokémon Snap

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31 December 2020