NBA 2K23: How To Crossover

NBA 2K23: How To Crossover
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One aspect of the NBA 2K23 gameplay that is a whole lot of fun to partake in, is that of dribbling. This is an integral part of the game because your dribbling skills will determine how well you can move around the court with the ball in your hands.

In NBA 2K23, there’s a lot of dribbling moves one can use. And once you get a feel for a handful of them, you can start to implement combos to get past your opponents swiftly and smoothly.

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One of the best dribbling moves that NBA 2K23 has in the game, is the famous and effective crossover. Though it’s a simple move to learn, it continues to be one of the best dribbling moves to utilize and most popular as a result.

On that note, let’s dive right in and scope out the controls for how to crossover in NBA 2K23.

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NBA 2K23 – How To Complete A Crossover

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PlayStation: Move RS up, then quickly release it.

Xbox: Move RS up, then quickly release it.

PC: If you’re using a keyboard, dribbling moves aren’t available or at your disposal unless you use a controller. That said, here are the different ways you can move with your player on a PC keyboard:

  1. Move Player Up: W
  2. Move Player Down: S
  3. Move Player Right: D
  4. Move Player Left: A

Additional Tips: The most important tip to keep in mind when trying out the crossover, is that your player has to be dribbling the ball. If they aren’t, none of these controls will lead you to complete a crossover.

Moreover, the crossover move is a quick one. So upon creating the space you need with your crossover., be prepared to have your next move and the direction you want to head in at the ready.

When testing out these dribbling moves, we do recommend you do so with the best rated players in the game so you can get a strong idea for how to master them.