Namco Bandai knows where it wants to take Enslaved, but that doesn't currently sound like it'll be in the form of a sequel - not that it's ruling anything out.

"We've got plans as to where we want to take Enslaved, we want to keep on pushing... maybe to a market that hasn't experienced it yet," said Namco Bandai marketing director Lee Kirton on the Eurogamer podcast. "We currently have no plans for an Enslaved sequel. However, we are still looking at it."

Namco Bandai announced that Enslaved has reached 730k units sold by the end of its financial year - someway short of its initial 1 million units projection.

Via VG247

With no sequel currently planned, we'd bet that Kirton's comments suggest a budget release or a re-release containing the Pigsy's Perfect 10 DLC.