This MW3 killstreak is causing an accessibility issue, and it needs to be addressed

This MW3 killstreak is causing an accessibility issue, and it needs to be addressed
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The first MW3 beta weekend has finally given CoD fans a taste of what the latest series installment has in store through its limited features. Naturally, the pre-release phase similarly gave players a look at a handful of killstreaks that can be used throughout each match. However, one MW3 killstreak is apparently causing an unpleasant accessibility issue that needs to be addressed by the developers sooner rather than later: the Guardian-SC.

Even though the best killstreaks in MW3 contain a few classic ones that players have often used in past installments, the Guardian-SC has begun standing out for all the wrong reasons. This is mainly due to its sonic-based effect that emits an unpleasant, high-pitched noise, significantly affecting those who suffer from tinnitus. In fact, this problem has become so pronounced that players have begun creating social media posts to bring more attention to it.

According to a Reddit thread by u/Opossumancer, usage of the Guardian-SC sets off their “tinnitus something terrible.” “I’m fine with guns and explosions, and I’ve gotten used to flashes (though I always run something to diminish them),” they continued. “But the ever-present thrumming/screeching noise these things make gives me a headache and makes my ears ring.” “I’m hoping they will be less common on release with other killstreaks available, but I also hope they remove them as the default option or change the noise,” they finished.

One commenter agreed with the post creator’s sentiment: “That thing absolutely needs to go, for more than just this reason.” “But absolutely great point,” they added. “The worst is when you’re near one when the game ends. Enjoy listening to that sound all the way until you’re back in the lobby.” Another responder, on the other hand, bluntly stated that “nobody will use that piece of s*** [killstreak],” so there won’t be any need to worry.

Even if players don’t end up using it, though, Sledgehammer Games still needs to address this MW3 accessibility issue in the future to prevent players from experiencing it. Unfortunately, the developers have yet to comment on this ongoing problem, so you may have to bear with it indefinitely for now. While you wait for a fix to arrive, take a look at our best Riveter loadout in MW3, best Striker loadout in MW3, and best MTZ Interceptor loadout in MW3 so you can rack up kills easily.