MW3 community applauds latest trailer but remains divided on one controversial feature

MW3 community applauds latest trailer but remains divided on one controversial feature
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The launch of Activision and Sledgehammer Games’ MW3 multiplayer trailer has come and gone, and the exciting preview has predictably been met with much acclaim. However, some within the community are still wary of setting their expectations too high, as players continue to complain about one of CoD’s most controversial features: SBMM or skill-based matchmaking.

Though the exciting MW3 multiplayer reveal trailer made most fans eager enough to learn how to get and redeem MW3 beta codes, the looming shadow of the ever-present SBMM system threatens to extinguish the excitement that most FPS gamers are feeling with the upcoming installment. Naturally, the usual arguments have started again in online debates, as some within the always-divided CoD community plead for it to be removed entirely. Of course, in contrast, others prefer the challenge it presents.

The ever-present squabbles are further displayed on social media sites, where some fans have already started posting inflammatory statements on SBMM. In one recent Reddit post, a user pointed out that the top comment on Activision’s MW3 multiplayer trailer involved a player asking the publisher to “remove SBMM.” Naturally, this triggered a cascade of supportive and opposing comments on skill-based matchmaking.

TheMink0921 realistically pointed out that “[SBMM] is never going to be removed” because it’s “a business decision [and] not a gameplay one.” The post creator added later that “SBMM/EOMM have no place in unranked modes.” “Give us back casual fun games, and leave the sweat for ranked/CDL,” they continued. “Take CoD back to its roots, no more pre-decided algorithm matchmade games please.”

Unfortunately, a complete removal of skill-based matchmaking from MW3 seems highly unlikely since this feature has become an essential part of recent games. The likeliest outcome now is that the developers make a few tweaks to it to make it more palatable for all players, but, alas, it doesn’t seem like this will happen any time soon as Sledgehammer Games and Activision have not indicated their plans with SBMM.