MW2 players plead for nerfs to overpowered KV Broadside shotgun

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The KV Broadside shotgun has quickly become notorious within the MW2 community mainly because of its unfair range and power. This specific weapon, which was introduced as part of the Season 2 update, has seemingly been terrorizing lobbies recently as players are now begging for nerfs to the “broken” firearm.

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Due to its overpowered nature, a large number of people have now made many Reddit posts detailing their unfortunate experiences with this weapon. One user in particular is asking how this gun is still allowed in matches since it often ruins players’ enjoyment of the game.

The thread in question goes on to explain just exactly how broken this firearm is as it seemingly has an unnaturally high fire rate and range. Additionally, its incendiary ammo provided by the Dragon’s Breath rounds apparently makes you flinch so much that you might just as well accept your fate.

Several responses under the original post have wholeheartedly agreed with what the author had said so far. One user is even implying that the KV Broadside was broken as intended by the developers – at least until Season 3 arrives that is. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, but the frequency of overpowered weapons being introduced each season is sowing seeds of doubt within the player base.

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Sadly, this issue may not be addressed immediately by Infinity Ward or Raven Software since they are still yet to fix many other prevalent in-game issues. With this in mind, players will have no choice but to face the unnecessarily strong weapon by using equally overpowered methods, like using the KV Broadside shotgun for themselves.

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