MW2 players are puzzled at absence of Gun Game from MP playlist

MW2 players are puzzled at absence of Gun Game from MP playlist
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A new season was supposed to mark a new era for the controversial MW2 title. However, it seems that another issue has popped up with the arrival of the latest chapter, this time in the form of the promised Gun Game being absent from the list of playable game modes.

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The long-awaited match offering, which was supposed to be included with the launch of Season 2, has been excluded from the game for an as yet unknown reason. Infinity Ward and Activision are yet to provide an explanation as to why it’s been omitted so the community is predictably confused about its nonappearance.

With the developers not providing information regarding Gun Game’s status, players have now turned to Reddit in an effort to gain answers. Multiple posts have already been made inquiring about the whereabouts of the much-anticipated match offering.

One particular thread, simply entitled “Where is gun game?”, is asking the same question as that of many other users. The post author similarly goes on to mention that they thought it was going to be added in Season 2, but that they don’t see it anywhere. They then went on to add an update, which said that there’s no playlist for it at the moment and that gun game could only be set up through private matches for now.

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Those commenting under the aforementioned post are similarly experiencing the same issue, with one player noting that it was the first thing they wanted to try. They would also go on to criticize the appearance of the game by saying that “the UI is still an absolute train wreck.”

Hopefully, we do get some more concrete information soon regarding the return of Gun Game to MW2 since it was promised with the arrival of the second season.