MW2 community’s collective anger has borne fruit as Infinity Ward announces new MP map

MW2 community’s collective anger has borne fruit as Infinity Ward announces new MP map
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The prolonged frustration of the MW2 community has finally borne fruit as developers Infinity Ward have now revealed their plans to include a new 6v6 map for multiplayer.

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The new location, which seemingly features a couple of ski lodges and a pool, will arrive as part of Season 2 Reloaded. According to the announcement post, the Infinity Ward MP team “decided to move the map up, as it’s already play testing well and tracking ahead of schedule.”

Though it hasn’t officially been mentioned, the collective anger of the player base may have also had something to do with this decision as many had previously noticed the lack of attention being given to MW2’s core multiplayer experience. This forced a large number of fans to create posts about the developer’s insufficient effort in improving MP with some even noting that Warzone ruined the CoD franchise as a whole.

As mentioned previously, a plethora of relevant complaints were made through the Modern Warfare 2 Reddit so, naturally, players have once again taken to the popular social news site to celebrate the win. Numerous threads have already been made acknowledging the new map addition with most players commenting on its brilliant design.

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There are also plenty of other features that players are looking forward to with the midseason update as there will also apparently be new MP modes added to the game in the future.

Infinity Ward and Activision have done a great job in listening to the pleas of their player base as the mood surrounding MW2 hasn’t been this jubilant since its pre-launch days. Hopefully, they can keep this up, but for now everyone is enjoying the fruits of their labor as they should.

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