MW2 players are baffled by impenetrable Riot Shields as turtling epidemic continues

MW2 players are baffled by impenetrable Riot Shields as turtling epidemic continues
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MW2 players have seemingly encountered another glaring issue within the bug-filled ecosystem of CoD’s latest release. This time around, the apparent impenetrability of the controversial Riot Shield is what’s been causing the latest series of community complaints.

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The Riot Shield has long been a divisive piece of equipment within the MW2 player base because of its ability to give its users protection from the rear. In order to work around its protection, players would either shoot at the feet or use a piece of lethal equipment like a Semtex or Thermite.

Unfortunately, it seems that the latter solution no longer works as the Riot Shield users continue to chug along like a runaway freight train even after being stuck with deadly utility weapons.

As has been the norm, players have turned to Reddit in an effort to bring attention to the issue at hand. One thread in particular is questioning whether the developers buffed the Riot Shield or nerfed the Semtex and Thermite because of their recent experiences.

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The post had this to say about the aforementioned issue: “I’ll stick someone with a Semtex or Thermite on their shield and it doesn’t kill them. I’ll get the little badge in the top center saying I’ve stuck them and everything but they don’t end up dying?”

Numerous commenters have also apparently undergone a similar occurrence with the impervious Riot Shields. “I’ve played CoD for well over a decade. The Riot Shields are always annoying, but they’re straight up cancer this game.”

Hopefully, Infinity Ward can find an amicable solution that can please both Riot Shield users and casual players. But based on developer reactions regarding previous problems, these issues may not end up being addressed at all.